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Did you know?

43% of Americans have experienced package theft or know someone who has.

The average value of a stolen package is around $160


million packages


from the previous year

Porch piracy and package theft are on the rise, so we understand how important it is to ensure your packages are protected. Our service is designed to offer complete protection from theft, loss, and damage, so you can enjoy stress-free shopping without any worries.

Start protecting your packages today with ShipmentProtect.

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Secure Your Online Shopping with Peace of Mind

One Service, Total Protection.

ShipmentProtect is the only monthly service that will protect all your online purchases. No need to deal with multiple customer service agents, chats or calls. Our service helps you receive a reimbursement or refund for any online purchase that is lost, stolen or damaged.

No Resolution, No Cost Guarantee.

If we can't secure your refund or reimbursement, we cover the cost. Shop with confidence knowing every purchase is protected. Simple as that.

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So you lost a package, now what? It’s simple - just follow 3 easy steps to resolve your issue.

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We're not just any service provider; we're your shopping safety net. All your cases will be handled directly by our customer service team, available 24/7. If we can't assist you in obtaining a reimbursement or refund from the merchant, delivery service, or credit card company, we take it upon ourselves to cover the cost. That's our guarantee to you, ensuring you can shop with confidence and peace of mind.