Shipping Protection
by Asurifi

Boost Profits and Growth with Order Protection.

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There is no cost to add Asurifi to your store and our team handles the full claims process, plus the cost to refund or replace your customers' order. Build your brand’s reputation without hurting your profits.

Boost Profits.

Shipping Protection by Asurifi is the only plug and play insurance solution that allows merchants to earn a flat CPA for each user that opts in. With a seamless placement on the checkout page, expect to see high conversion rates from engaged users leading to a boost in profits without any cost or risk to you.

Protection they can trust.

With Asurifi your consumers know that their money, time and loyalty matter to your brand. Our buyer protection covers product loss, theft or damage and gives your consumers peace of mind that should anything happen, their purchase is protected.

Shipping Protection by Asurifi gives shoppers confidence and gives you hassle free conversions

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